You’re Delicious, Durban!

Whenever I think of Durban, the city I spent most of my youth and early-adulthood, I remember glorious sunny days spent gallivanting on the beachfront or hiking in the hills and nights spent wandering the streets, enjoying an array of delicious foods from our local haunts, before and after dancing the night away in sweaty […]

Taste for Reinvention

With the recent launch of The Course at SLOW in the City, Johannesburg’s newest dining destination, comes a signature menu that embodies the restaurant’s belief that “taste changes everything.” Shaped by the joint vision of resident Executive Chef, Eli Williams, and head recipe developer, Ero Asteriou, the offering has been designed to not only reflect […]

Cape Town’s Finest Portuguese Restaurant

The V&A Waterfront meets Portugal with the newly opened MAReSOL 200-seater double-storey restaurant. MAReSOL offers authentic (and delicious) Portuguese cuisine with a touch of Mozambican flair. The authentic flavour is largely owed to the impressive skills of Chef Eva de Jesus, the Executive Chef, whose Portuguese menu was inspired by her grandmother’s very own tried and tested family recipes. Tuck into favourites such as peri-peri chicken, peri-peri prawns, trinchado and espetadas, while taking in the views of the bustling harbour on […]

Meeting with a Chocolatier

We recently discovered the golden ticket inside our email inbox inviting us to hear the story of local chocolatier and accidental businessman, Pieter de Villiers. It was never the plan of Pieter de Villiers to make a fulltime business out of his experimental hobby. An engineer by profession, Pieter started experimenting with chocolate production in […]