Antony Gibbon’s Treehouse Utopia

“Those who are inspired by a model other than Nature, a mistress above all masters, are labouring in vain.” Leonardo Da Vinci  Since the 20thcentury, biomimicry has become a named, conscious branch of invention and design that looks to the innate technology found in nature for its inspiration. Mimicking form and design found in nature, […]

The Cellar Master

The most exclusive and luxurious spirit in the world, each drop of LOUIS XIII cognac is like liquid gold, shrouded in a rich history that celebrates generations of cellar masters, extraordinary craftsmanship and… time.   Retailing in South Africa at R50,000 per bottle, Louis XIII is the most coveted spirit in the world. The striking […]

Meeting with a Chocolatier

We recently discovered the golden ticket inside our email inbox inviting us to hear the story of local chocolatier and accidental businessman, Pieter de Villiers. It was never the plan of Pieter de Villiers to make a fulltime business out of his experimental hobby. An engineer by profession, Pieter started experimenting with chocolate production in […]