Treedom Villas, home of Spectacular Interior Design

Treedom Villa is a mere 20 minutes away from George airport, or a scenic 5 hour road trip from Cape Town. The villa is newly set on the market, with finishes and decor that speak to its recent launch, though it is coupled with incredible service that one might assume has been mastered over years. The villa covers two storeys, one being the living area and the other the entertainment area.

The Entertainment Area
The villa covers two stories, with the first being an open entertainment area. There is a long table, perfect for family and friends to enjoy meals or play boardgames. There is also a coffee table surrounded by a couch and benches if you’d like to get more comfy. Entertainment is aided by two speakers to set the atmosphere as you so wish. There is a gas braai for meaty enthusiasts and of course, the all natural garden is an inviting playground. Jump on the trampoline or swing on the daybed, admire the flowers blossoming from the repurposed old boat or searching for stars as the fairy lights dazzle you.

The Living Space
The upstairs of the villa is where you’ll be cooking up a storm, relaxing in the lounge and resting your head at night. There is a patio section covered in what appears to be grass, blending itself in well with the surroundings. There are plastic covers for cooler days, a table where meals can be had and two chairs where one can sit and admire the views. The first thing you’ll notice when you step inside are special touches from the hosts who spent a year building the villa. On the kitchen island is an assortment of fresh goodies including honey, eggs and brownies awaited us, along with milk in the fridge. The kitchen island separates this area from the lounge, which consists of a very comfortable couch, clad in accent cushions and a fluffy throw. From here, you can stare out at the tree leaves or towards the smart TV set ahead for your viewing pleasure.

The Kitchen
The kitchen features a gas stove and is fully equipped, with a sandwich maker for light meals and everything you may need when cooking up a storm. Beautiful turquoise cups await teas and filter coffee, with an orange pot for boiling water. There are blue accent colours in the kitchen reminiscent of Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 (Royal Blue). There are two bins, one for organic waste and the other for the rest of the rubbish which will then get sorted and recycled, as the hosts ensure that they are keeping their environmental footprint low.

The Bathroom & Loft
Inside the bathroom is a shower with Moroccan tiles, a shower head with perfect pressure and water that is soft to touch, a luxury many forget about until they feel it. As you walk up stairs to the loft area, you’ll notice three lights dangling in the centre of the villa, whose inspiration expands upon the Moroccan theme. The loft houses two cosy single beds, with chic clothing railings ready for all of your wardrobe favourites to be on display. The bedding is soft, dressing the inviting beds well. The main bed is downstairs, featuring the same opulent white covers, pillows and throw.

The Automation
Not only is the TV representative of the latest technology. There is an app which the hosts will assist you in downloading. Within 5 minutes, you will be able to operate the lighting at the villa from the palm of your hand. This means you could be in the loft area controlling the lights in the entertainment area – or you could even be out and about in another town entirely. This is super helpful when travelling out at night, for instance, and you can switch on the lights before arriving back.

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