Freedom Found Among the Treetops of the Wilderness

Experience the mystique and glory of the Wilderness. With plenty of activities to suit those in search of adventure and relaxation alike, here’s what you can expect from a trip to the Wilderness, including accommodation that brings you to the heart of it all, wishing a generous dash of love and homeliness that’ll make your visit that much more special. Here’s what you need to know about the area, the design the experience.

Feel for a trip that takes you to the middle of nature? The kind of nature that puts on such a mystifying showcase that it feels breathtaking yet unfamiliar and in need of exploration – something otherworldly? Well, a trip to the Wilderness will provide you with just that and then some, especially when you’re experiencing it all from Freedom Villa, the luxury villa that sits among the treetops.

**A Perfect Day at the Villa**

Not only is this where you’ll be starting and ending off your days, it will be where your adventure begins and eventually draws to a sad close too. Mornings begin with sunlight peaking through the windows and the realisation that you’re in a luxurious bed in a home away from home. With filter coffee on the gas oven, caffeine scents the morning air on the patio, where you sit and lookout onto the luscious greenery all around the villa. 

With that, it’s time for breakfast. What better than eggs, as fresh as can be, which the hosts have left for you on the kitchen island. If you’re someone who enjoys a sweet treat, opt for some of the homemade brownies or muffins which have also been dropped off for you to enjoy. Drop a dollop of honey into your tea, or milk in your coffee from the array of fresh produce provided by the hosts to welcome you.

The hosts, Debs and Marc spent over a year building the villa. They live nearby and are there to assist you in making your trip a memorable one. Apart from the lovely personal and natural touches at the villa, they are happy to help plan your days with you and are very knowledgable on the area, teeming with fantastic suggestions. On our first night, they booked us a table at Joplin’s, a restaurant nearby. We were absolutely blown away by the incredible food that the town had to offer, with a round of rump steaks topped with eggs for the table.

Being in the Wilderness, one can appreciate and enjoy the surroundings in any weather. The overhead clouds swayed us to spend the day walking along the beach. Sitting with your toes in the sand, watching the waters ebb and flow and listening to the sounds of the waves crashing is undoubtably one of the best parts about a seaside holiday. When hunger struck, Salina’s restaurant was a mere stroll away from the town’s beachfront. Here, guests can feast on seafood that is as affordable as it is delectable.

We decided to visit the picturesque bridge in the town for some photos and a restorative walk alongside a river which runs into the sea. We followed the instructions Debs gave us, making our way to a scenic spot. After some time spent here, we decided to see some of the lakes in the area, which are a fantastic addition to a holiday at the coast. Feeling as calm as the waters, we then headed back to the villa. We planned on exploring the nearby towns like Knysna and beaches like Noetzie in our next day. Guests who want to truly experience the lake can make arrangements with the hosts for a trip on a dingy on the water.

Back at the villa, there was time to squeeze in a quick nap before enjoying the entertainment area downstairs. The lighting is controlled by an app on the phone which you’ll be assisted in downloading. With that, one tap had all of the lights on below before we even reached the last stair. We sat around the table chatting and braaing in a truly South African fashion. This is a great space to enjoy the open nature right on your non-existent doorstep, and to spend time with your loved ones.

There is a long table, perfect for family and friends to enjoy meals or play boardgames. There is also a coffee table surrounded by a couch and benches if you’d like to get more comfy. Entertainment is aided by two speakers to set the atmosphere as you so wish. Our playlist ranged from Ed Sheeran to Queen. There is a gas braai for meaty enthusiasts and of course, the all natural garden is an inviting playground. Jump on the trampoline or swing on the daybed, admire the flowers blossoming from the repurposed old boat or searching for stars as the fairy lights dazzle you. 

As the night drew to a close, our stomachs and hearts felt full. We were eager to hop under the luxuriously soft covers, sleeping sound fully, knowing that we’d be fortunate to open our eyes to a brand new day in this spectacular villa, with a myriad of opportunities to create more perfect days and lasting memories. 

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Must-visit beaches nearby:

Noetzie Beach

Head towards Knysna where you will find this remote cove along the Garden Route. The waters at this pristine beach remain unspoilt to this day. The ocean joins a dark lagoon and is surrounded by indigenous flora and fauna. A couple of classically designed beach houses are dotted along the shoreline, making this beach feel like something from a mystic al old world.

– Herolds Bay Beach

Visit Herolds Bay Beach, situated in a secluded bay is close to George. You’ll spot charming houses along the cliffs surrounding the beach. You’ll enjoy the protection which this beach has from the notorious Western Cape winds. In short, this is the perfect spot for a day out at the seaside.