Delicate, Intimate, Dainty

Most women love pretty things and how better to support South African business than opting to buy your ‘smalls’ from a Cape Town-run, ethically-sourced intimate atelier? We take a look at Luna Intimates – the story, the collections, the Instagram feed and the process from start to finish.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, Instagram is my life. The joy that I get from scrolling through endless pictures of truly pretty things is almost indescribable. Almost, but not quite.

My great passion for locally-sourced shopping and my Instagram habit combined meant that it wasn’t long before I stumbled across the sensationally curated page belonging to local company Luna Intimates. Instantly enamoured by the soft colour schemes and the natural design aesthetic, I desperately wanted everything that featured on their online shop. 

The Luna Rylee set

Inclusive Indulgences
For me, it’s important to understand a business’ ethos. Luna Intimates holds quality, kindness to the earth and inclusivity as brand pillars. All of the pieces are handmade in Cape Town by local craftsmen and -women who share in company owner and founder Mianca Tieffel’s vision – for women of all sizes to find something that makes them feel at their most confident whenever they wear a Luna Intimates’ item. 

While the website only features small to medium in band size and small to large in cup size, the team at Luna Intimates will custom-make a piece to fit you perfectly at no extra cost. Why not just have all of those sizes on the website, you may ask. The company is committed to keeping waste at a minimum, so they keep their most popular sizes in stock, ready for shipping, and prefer to custom-make smaller and bigger pieces only on demand. There are very few local companies that provide this service and the fact that they don’t charge for it, makes it a pretty special touch!

Each piece is made by Luna’s team of skilled seamstresses

Fast fashion is a big problem in today’s society. Throw-away items are far from good for the earth and that is exactly why Luna Intimates make pieces to last. Bands are constructed of high-quality elastic, and the lace used is locally-sourced. Each stitch is perfectly in its place. The second you put on an item from Luna Intimates, you feel supported, confident, and 100% sure of the quality. Fast fashion items are flimsy, poorly constructed and they just feel cheap. Products from Luna Intimates are far from flimsy and it doesn’t take a seamstress to notice how high-quality their products feel.  

The benefits of purchasing from local businesses should be apparent by now, but with small companies, you get the added benefit of better service. Each delivery is beautifully packaged – an elegant (and fully recyclable) paper box opens to reveal your new favourite things, wrapped in tissue paper. Accompanying your order is a delicately fragranced, embroidered perfume sachet as well as a Polaroid and a hand-written note. For those looking to send items as a gift, you can also opt to include an intimates bag which you can have embroidered with the recipient’s name. How cute! I must confess that I own four of these adorable bags now – they are so handy to take away with you to keep your delicate items safe and discreetly stored. 

Anne dungarees by Luna Intimates

Floral Fancies
One of the latest Luna ranges, Flora, is inspired by the eponymous ancient Roman goddess of spring and flowers. With themes of rejuvenation, rebirth, growth and flowering, Flora celebrates a woman’s ability to develop with every step. The collection features the vibrant and daring Anke set – made up of a red bralette (with or without a peplum-esque frill) and a G-string sporting delicate lace. 

The Aubrey pyjama set, made of smooth satin, comes in white, blush and crimson. Aubrey is the perfect combination of soft and sexy and, best of all, it’ll make you feel like a 1930’s Hollywood starlet. The velvet Jane bralettes come in crimson and emerald and offer more coverage than the other bralettes in the collection. 

One of Luna Intimates’ latest ventures is their range of bespoke garters. Constructed of stunning lace, the Daisy garter is the perfect gift for a friend for their special day, or even a pre-wedding treat for yourself. 

Bespoke, made-to-order garters from Luna Intimates

Luna creates items that make women feel good. It really is that simple. The Flora collection features delicate frills, floral motifs and a natural colour scheme. A group of women wearing Flora by Luna Intimates would be as beautiful as a field of wildflowers, basking in the beauty of the person next to them. It’s this inclusiveness that Luna strives for. Women supporting women is a big part of the brand and you can see it in the stunning pictures of their products. Pictures of women smiling, enjoying each other’s company and feeling utterly comfortable in their skin are amazing to see, and brands that back this kind of ethos need to be supported. 

Their newest collection, Secret Garden, is available now online – complete with the swoon-worthy Poppy and Stephanie sets.

Next time you want to buy yourself something pretty, give a visit and you’ll certainly find one item (or more realistically, 12) that takes your fancy and will make you feel like the best version of yourself every time you put it on!

Photography © Natasha Maritz