Getting Comfortable in Crocs

Crocs wearers swear by their comfort. 

Humble beginnings

These shoes, which began as boating apparel, are made of Croslite, a material which is the brainchild of the Crocs company. These shoes do a lot of resisting – to odours, moisture and slipping, that is. They are famously lightweight and easy to clean, and mould to the shape of the wearer’s feet.

The shoes are aptly named after an animal which the shoe emulates: crocodiles. These shoes are suited to both land and water, are strong and guaranteed to last for a long time. These shoes are heaven-sent in terms of their comfort and practicality, taking the wearer from wet to dry environments with ease, with options to suit all seasons. 

Worn by professionals

For people who are required to stand on their feet all day, these shoes answered their needs perfectly. One such profession is the medical field. In this way, Crocs are the unsung heroes of some of society’s most valuable, and for that we ought to be thankful. Other professionals who have taken a liking to this style of shoe include those in the culinary industry. They spend hours on their feet over a busy service and comfort is almost as important as the food they’re serving.

A shoe or all

Crocs have ranges for men, women and children. Beyond the traditional shape of Crocs, they have expanded their collections to include boots, sandals, flats and heels for ladies, plus clogs, loafers and sneakers for men. Children have three collections to choose from: Cartoon Characters, Fuzz (lined with fluff on the inside for warmth), and Swiftwater (water-resistant shoes for both land and water-based activities).

Wanda Collection

Now, Crocs have teamed up with Wanda Laphoto for a bespoke collection that features South African design, in a space where humility meets style. Crocs and Wanda Laphoto, whose name is no stranger to the South African fashion industry, have collaborated on the Capsule Collection. The local designer finds his inspiration in traditional cultural practice and modern style subcultures, creating hybrids of various rarely explored contexts. 

This collaboration with Crocs is a long-term fashion partnership that is not only about product, but about charity too, as all proceeds from the Capsule Collection will go to the Reach for a Dream Foundation. Far from subdued, the collection – consisting of ten designs – incorporates stripes, gingham, muted colours and pops of vibrant yellow.

Gen Z

Michelle Poole, Senior Vice President and Chief Product and Merchandising Officer at Crocs, says the company is appealing to Gen Z. She explains, “We know this group is all about self-expression, which is why our spring 2019 collection features a bright, bold colour palette, positive messaging, oversized logos and trend-right platform silhouettes.” 

Recently, Crocs did a collaboration with rapper Post Malone on the Dmitri (fondly nicknamed the ‘Posty Croc’). In Fall 2018, Crocs were sent down the Balenciaga runway in platform iterations, sometimes clad with a souvenir or hippie rainbow pins. For Spring 2018, Balenciaga gave bubble-gum pink Crocs pointy heels. People have even taken to YouTube to show off their own collaborations with brands such as Off White and Gucci.

From the realms of high comfort to high fashion, Crocs have proved to be an unmissable marker in footwear trends. The unsung heroes are here to stay.

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