Natural Herbs & Spices Unveils Smoothie Booster Range

South African health food specialist, Natural Herbs & Spices has launched an innovative range of smoothie boosters with a Rooibos matcha base and functional ingredients, to elevate the nutritional value of your favourite smoothie, breakfast bowl or fresh-pressed juice.

The Natural Herbs & Spices Smoothie Booster range has no artificial colours or flavours and is also suitable for vegans. There are five combinations including:

  1. Build: Put the power back in your step with a blend of plant-based protein-boosting ingredients and a warm cinnamon flavour. Created using rooibos matcha, hemp protein powder, cinnamon, pea protein, moringa leaves, chia seeds, baobab fruit pulp, roasted sesame seeds, poppy seeds and spirulina – ingredients are known to be a source of essential amino acids and antioxidants.

  2. Balance: Bring your body into balance with this blend’s alkaline-boosting ingredients and crisp apple flavour. The combination of rooibos matcha, wheatgrass, moringa leaves, hemp protein powder, spirulina, baobab fruit pulp, parsley, chia seeds and nori flakes provides a stimulant-free energy source combined with neutralizing ingredients.

  3. Enrich: A combination of omega-boosting ingredients with a nutty flavour, this booster contains chia seeds, hemp protein powder, linseeds, rooibos matcha, turmeric, baobab fruit pulp, and roasted sesame seeds. The brilliant blend of seeds provides an essential source of omega fatty acids.

  4. Support: To boost your daily antioxidant intake and leave you feeling recharged, this blend of antioxidant-boosting ingredients with a cacao flavour contains cacao powder, honeybush, rooibos matcha, chia seeds, baobab fruit pulp, raspberries, hibiscus, sunflower seeds and ginger.

  5. Energy: This crafty booster combines invigorating rooibos matcha with fatigue-busting ingredients and a subtle sweetness to uplift you. Ingredients include rooibos matcha, maca root, chia seeds, coconut blossom sugar, guarana seeds, baobab fruit pulp, pumpkin seeds, coffee, and Siberian ginseng – a delicious blend of energy-boosting ingredients with a fruity tropical flavour.

“Our boosters are a fantastic solution for those interested in ensuring their meals are packed with nutrition,” says Natural Herbs & Spices Marketing Manager Shelley Barnard. 

“Mindful value is important to us and we have worked hard to develop a quality range at an accessible price, using responsibly sourced and clean ingredients that are as good for your body as they are for the earth. Even the box is created using 80% recycled materials.”

Natural Herbs & Spices’ Smoothie Booster costs R49,95 for twelve 5g servings and is available at major Dischem stores nationwide, as well as online from

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About Natural Herbs & Spices

Founded in 2002, Natural Herbs & Spices is committed to developing healthy, quality food products, that are produced responsibly while offering great variety and value for money. It endeavours to source sustainably grown ingredients, uses alternative treatment methods and no artificial flavours or colours, enabling its customer to maintain a healthy body while using products that are gentle on the environment. Natural Herbs & Spices products are manufactured according to the highest international safety standards adhering to our source-to-table policy to ensure optimum quality.

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