A Weekend in McGregor

They say that McGregor is the place that time forgot. With a prevailing sleepy atmosphere and quaint houses you probably wouldn’t find in the city, it’s understandable how one can so easily lose track of time in this charming village, a mere 150km’s east of Cape Town. The town is small, intimate and quirky, making it the perfect choice for a weekend away from the city. Homey galleries, restaurants and cafés line the main streets of McGregor and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a nightclub or anything of the sort. If a quiet weekend away to recharge your batteries sounds appealing to you, we highly recommend a trip to McGregor.

To reach McGregor from Cape Town or any other neighboring towns, you’re likely to drive your way there. However, don’t expect to make much use of your car once you’ve arrived. Residents of McGregor do a lot of walking, and with the views that this town boasts, we understand why. A stroll through the town is an adventure of its own. You might pop out for a quick bite to eat and find yourself at the Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary. A stroll through McGregor gifts you with a number of fine art galleries presenting work from some of the best South African artists. Look out for La Galleria, the Edna Fourie Gallery and the Mulberry Studio Art Gallery. It’s also not uncommon for one to pop over to their neighbour’s house for a quick visit and cup of tea. In McGregor neighbors are friends and friends are neighbors.

The eateries that line the streets of McGregor are a treat and definitely worth a visit. Look out for Tebaldi’s, Karoux, Lady Grey and P&G -to name just a few of the gems in the town. Many of the town’s eateries make their own bread and jams, so if you’re after a night in, pick up some goodies in town and whip up a feast at home. In terms of activities, there are loads. Enjoy a hike through the beautiful mountains (the Kleinberg and Boesmanskloof trails are good options) or a pottery class at Millstone Pottery. Enjoy a scrumptious lunch and winetasting at the McGregor Winery or the Tanagra Private Cellar, which both boast jaw-dropping scenery to look out onto as an accompaniment to your meal. If you find yourself in McGregor during the warmer months, take a stroll up to the local dam with a picnic basket and your costume and take a dip.

Next time you’re planning a weekend (or week!) away, make sure to consider this quirky town as a destination. Although small, the town of McGregor and its residents offer visitors a memorable stay with good hospitality, great food and loads to do.

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