Visiting Alexandra Höjer

Walking along Cape Town’s Bree Street, you’re sure to notice a cute orange shop tucked away in a heritage building. Stepping up into Alexander Höjer Atelier, you walk into a store that is distinctly different. There is a bike in the store, along with antique decor and rails of clothing that is designed by Alexandra Höjer, the designer of the self-named store.

Höjer is Swedish-born, but has lived in South Africa for many years. She started out at the Old Biscuit Mill, where she would design and sell clothing every weekend, before finding retail spaces to expand her store. At the back is the workshop, where you can see clothing being constructed by women driving fabric through machines.

Höjer attributes her love for fashion to her childhood, watching her late grandmother pull dresses out of her closet that matched her stories of life in World War II. This stuck with the designer, who refers to her brand as “modern nostalgia,” a theme which is evident in the juxtaposition of decor and clothing in the store.

As a woman in business, Höjer says that she has grown to enjoy all aspects of business, which is what has helped her reach success. While it is not easy to be a creative and business person in the same breath, the designer is driven by passion, and isn’t afraid to tackle obstacles as they come; with a strong sense of positivty and optimism.

Höjer’s store was the perfect location for the designer, who said that the area reminded her of Europe, which she identifies with and wants to share with others. The collections are made of high-quality fabrics, and provide women with clothing that is minimal, with clean-cut lines that provide women with wardrobe investments and staples.

The authenticity of the experience, from seeing the clothing being made, to interacting with Höjer herself in store, customers get the feeling of a personalised and genuine experience that is unlike one you may find in malls. It is a store built for the Cape Town woman, who has refined her style and prefers simplicity.

There are a range of accessories available to complement the clothing, including scarves and locally handmade leather sandals. Hojer’s partner, also a designer, sells a range of menswear in store too. Johannesburg residents can lookout for pop-ups in the Rosebank Keyes Art Mile. The shop can be found at 156 Bree Street in the heart of Cape Town.

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