Wayne Kaminsky: The Man Behind FitChef

FitChef made its way onto the culinary scene in November 2012 after CEO and founder, Wayne Kaminsky, came to the realisation that all diets fail for one main reason: a lack of preparation. Today, FitChef is an award-winning meal prep service and is constantly expanding and improving what they offer clients.

The penny began to drop for Kaminsky just before competing in the 2010 Ironman. Feeling healthy and fit, he recalls running into a friend who noted that if he just lost 5kg’s he would look great. In his mind, he was doing everything one was supposed to do during the weight-loss process -fewer calories, less fat, more protein. The only problem was that the proof was not in the proverbial pudding. Kaminsky began to ponder what the real secret to effective weight-loss was.

In 2012 he tried out for the popular cooking show, MasterChef South Africa. In preparation for the audition, he found himself in the kitchen cooking up to 45 versions of a meal in a single evening, chopping and changing until it was just right.While doing so, he gained a more holistic understanding of food and nutrition. At the same time, Kaminsky, a dedicated runner and swimmer, was becoming fed up with seeing no weight loss results despite a committed exercise plan. This sparked an interest into why almost all diets fail and how this can be prevented.

Kaminsky then had his aha-moment. Through research and his own experiences, he concluded that we will always eat what is most convenient, and this in itself is the major stumbling block. He explains that if “[we] don’t have healthy ready-to-eat meals in [our] fridge – and at work – [we] will fail.”

Kaminsky started FitChef, a ready-made wholefood service that takes preparation out of the hands of the individual. The concept behind FitChef is a simple one -to provide people with healthy, sustaining food that doesn’t take hours to prepare. FitChef challenge the misconception of what healthy food is supposed to look like. Gone are the days that healthy eating consisted of lettuce and fat-free yogurt. FitChef offer innovative and surprising meals that one wouldn’t generally consider healthy or diet food.

Through the FitChef website, customers select and pay for the kit, meal or snack of their choice and these are then delivered to their homes. FitChef offer a diverse range of meal plans including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, sport performance, intermittent fasting, and family kits. Also available are snacks such as ready-made smoothies, biltong and snack bars. Kaminsky and the rest of the FitChef team are 100% committed to giving customers the healthiest, nutrient-rich food possible, while still being tasty and enjoyable.


To learn more about FitChef, please visit www.fitchef.co.za.

Images © FitChef