Charlotte Rogers

Reading and writing are the two great loves of my life and it all started in a quaint English town when a small freckled girl picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone…

Here I am 18 years later, still freckled and still seriously in love with reading. What’s not to love about something that takes you through history, across the world, and into someone else’s mind all from the comfort of your favourite chair?

My writing journey started at a famous Cape Town-based tourism magazine, where I was hired as an intern and slowly climbed up the ranks. Now I work at TCB Media and I have the best job in the world – just short of those people that get to cuddle panda babies for a living. #jealous

I love all things travel, except hostels (sharing rooms with strangers really isn’t my vibe), and being able to experience different cultures. If I was forced to pick a favourite holiday, it would be my trip to the Maldives where I got to see a turtle. He wasn’t too happy to be disturbed by the diving guide, and didn’t talk like Crush from Finding Nemo, but I still got to see a turtle, and that’s pretty amazing.

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