A Visit to Chelsea Clinic and Spa

Chelsea Clinic and Spa in Cape Town is a haven as soon as you enter the gates; a fountain-lined pathway leads you to the luxurious spa, which is a sea of calming dark grey interiors, accented with plush velvet finishes. Chelsea Spa is recognised as a leading innovative anti-ageing clinic in the industry, with a devotion to beauty and well being.

The Luxury Facial

Settling under the warm covers in the dimly lit, plush room, I waited for my facial to begin. My skin was analysed before it was cleansed and steamed. Next came an exfoliating scrub, with a calming smell of eucalyptus. What followed was extractions, a custom serum and masque and finally a welcomed facial and shoulder massage. The Luxury Facial at Chelsea includes two extras of either facial waxing or tinting. I opted for one of each.

The Spa

Classic treatments are available, focusing on the face, body, hands and feet with facials, manicures, waxes and massages. Specialised treatments include micro-blading, laser hair removal and the newly launched Mona Lisa Touch. For a full experience of many treatments, packages are available. Chelsea Spa values all loyal clients with a discount on all treatments and products. Melanie Garthwaite, founder of Chelsea Clinic and Spa in Chelsea, Wynberg, is a case in point; Melanie’s been discreetly looking after the complexions of well-heeled men and women for over 30 years. Chelsea has a distinguished and unblemished history in the fields of skin and body-care research. Melanie has applied this to every facet of the aesthetics industry and clients are confident that the most modern methods and products are used.


At Chelsea Clinic and Spa, you can look forward to:

  • Specialised Treatments, including Hi-tech lasers in under an hour, fillers, Electrolysis and APTOS Facelift Threads
  • The Face, including the Luxury Facial
  • The Hands and Feet, with manicures and pedicures
  • The Body, with a range of massages, wraps, tans and lymph drainage
  • Tattoo Make-up, including microblading, brows and lips
  • Hair Removal, both with lasers and waxing
  • Spa Packages, including “Mommy to Be” and “Treats for Two”
  • Eyelash extensions

The Mona Lisa Touch

Chelsea Clinic and Spa is the sole agent in the Western Cape of the ‘Mona Lisa,’ the very latest in a new generation of laser machines offering a therapy for women who up until now faced a void if they wanted to restore sexual function or alleviate incontinence. Used to treat vaginal laxity, discomfort and incontinence in a painless, discreet and cost-effective way, the Mona Lisa has a 360o beam yielding greater accuracy than its predecessor’s limited 90o range. Scientists and specialists in Italy have found that laser therapy eliminates the cost, inconvenience and anxiety of surgery. This long-awaited support is available in a 5-minute, elective treatment without side effects or downtime and is carried out by a medical doctor. It’s a safe, fast and painless treatment which is effective immediately, with results improving dramatically after each of the recommended three initial visits.

For more information, visit www.chelseaspa.co.za. *Photos: Chelsea Spa.