Ching Ching to the New Tjing Tjing

Close you eyes, and pretend that you’re in Tokyo. The smells, sounds and sights of the city all mingle to create a glorious cacophony, almost overwhelming to the senses. There is so much activity that you barely know where to look – each snapshot is the prefect freeze frame of an insomniac city, pulsing with the vibrancy of millions of people going about their business. Street vendors yell across you in Japanese, you catch a whiff of something delicious and spicy, and can’t help but follow the scent down a side street. Before you’ve taken more than 20 steps, you find the source of that heavenly smell. Open your eyes. Welcome to the new and improved Tjing Tjing.

Located smack-bang in the centre of Cape Town’s vibrant CBD, on Longmarket Street to be exact, Tjing Tjing has been one of the favourite hang-outs of the Mother City’s in-crowd. Now, after their extensive interior revamp and a concept refresh, Tjing Tjing is open once again and serving up delicious dishes and drinks from a fresh menu.

The building that houses this flavour extravaganza is over 200 years old, and has become synonymous with the subtle yet decided use of Japanese décor and touches. Their new look sees the Asian-influence amped up threefold. The bar is a stunning shrine-red, the walls are covered in Tokyo inspired wallpaper, the rooftop bar is decorated in darker colours and the entire building makes use of wood aspects.

Tjing Tjing Torii offers a fast-paced but casual dining experience starting at 10 am for brunch and carrying on until late. Expect traditional Japanese brunch, tamago, bento boxes, sando boxes, gyoza, yakitori, ramen and classic Japanese confections, witha Tjing Tjing twist.

Between Tjing Tjing Torii and the Rooftop Bar, lies the brand new Tjing Tjing Momiji and Momiji Lounge. Tjing Tjing Momiji will offer a more sophisticated dining experience, inspired by the structure, ceremony and meticulousness of a Japanese kaiseki menu. Mostly seasonal local ingredients are used in a clean and uncomplicated way. The typically 10-12 course tasting menu comes with a recommended sake and wine pairing.

At the reservations-only Momiji Loungepatrons can enjoy a wide variety of speciality spirits, cocktails, Japanese whisky, premium sake and a unique wine list to complement the food. Book this chic and intimate space for private celebrations, after work sundowners, or pre-dinner drinks.

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