Laps of Luxury at the Taj

The Taj hotel is a majestic paradise. On the footsteps of Cape Town’s vibrant CBD, stands the grand building, with a concierge ready to welcome guests inside. Once inside, your eyes can’t help but travel from the marble flooring to the high ceilings and all the decor finesse inside. 

The Hotel

The building was once the South African Reserve Bank, with the original staircases and chandeliers visible inside. The Taj provides guests with the opportunity to have all of their needs taken care of, whether the trip is for business or pleasure. There are state-of-the-art facilities available, from a fully equipped gym to a luxurious spa. The Hotel showcases opulence in its inherently Indian-rooted decor, which gives a sense of a sophisticated, contemporary and comforting look and feel. Walking in, you are greeted by the staff at reception, leading to a lobby area, fit with a grand piano and open spaces to unwind, including a bar and cigar lounge. Lastly, you’ll spot a room that doubles as an art gallery and wine tasting room, where you can book to taste local wines from the surrounding wineries. 

The Food

Just next to the gallery room is the Mint Restaurant. Here, you’ll enjoy breakfast at the Taj, as well as lunches and dinners if you wish. Breakfast at the Taj is holistic: the buffet selection moves you from the smoothie section to cold meats, breads, cooked food and eggs, ending off at the confectionary table in the centre of it all. If you decide to return for a meal thereafter, you’ll find a menu that is designed to match the hotel, with a modern, contemporary offering, that incorporates local favourites (like bunny chow), as well as signature dishes from Taj restaurants worldwide and classics, met with flavourful combinations. You can opt to sit inside or outside, which leads directly to a pedestrian street within Cape Town’s CBD, with many Insta-photo opportunities. 

The Rooms

Upon exiting the lift and finding your room, you’ll open the door to a luxurious setting, with much to feast your eyes on. The mirrored closets face the bathroom, which is finished in stone, featuring an impressive shower and big bathtub, which opens up to the room through a glass window. Inside, you’ll find things you never knew you needed – a deliciously scented butter soap, a magnified mirror and even a scale. Continuing in to the room, you are welcomed by a personalised message on the TV and a note next to a decadent miniature cake tower, beautifully presented in a glass cloche. The room will either have twin beds or a double and a full view of either the city or Cape Town’s iconic landmarks, Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. In the room, you’ll find a desk area, with pen, paper, post cards and printed envelopes. The walls are occupied by art, adding a sense of authenticity and vibrancy to the room. 

The Spa

Jiva Spa is situated on a dedicated floor, drawing you in with the aromatic smell of essential oils. Guests can enjoy an array of treatments that are derived from Indian healing therapies. From aromatherapy full massages to facials, baths and head massages, the list of options will have you struggling to settle on just one. Before the treatments begin, guests are lead to the changing room, where they enter into a room of pre-treatment relaxation in robes. Here, you can sip on tea or nibble on fresh fruit, before or after your pamper session. The massages are lead by talented masseurs, who incorporate a variety of oils, which have the ability to relax, rejuvenate and uplift you, depending on your preferences.  The sessions begin with a ritual of washing the feet and end off with the gifting of a beaded necklace. 

Turn-Down Service

When you return to your room after a day or activities and adventures, you’ll find the bed has been readied for your arrival. There is a chocolate painted slate, with miniature sweet treats and a chocolate dipped strawberry to give guests one last bit of indulgence before bed. Slippers and robes are readied, making leaving the room a difficult thought to fathom. Once you crawl into bed, you’ll feel yourself melting into the plush sheets, that are soft and buttery to touch. Guests can unwind with a selection of TV channels and movies, or simply watch the city lights shine brighter as the sun sunsets behind the mountain.

Fine Dining

Fine Dining is available for guests on site at Bombay Brasserie. Inside the intimate restaurant is plush velvet chairs, with teal accents on the walls and dim lighting throughout. After leaving your coat at the entrance to find your table, you can delight in the chef’s tasting menu, paired with wines. You’ll experience an 5-course meal that’ll take you on a food adventure, with traces of powerful flavours and theatrics throughout the inherently modern dishes (both in conception and presentation). This is a fine dining experience that won’t easily leave your mind and one that will certainly add a touch of India to complete your stay at the wonder that is the Taj Hotel. 


Staying at the Taj Hotel is a pleasure, and one that truly feels immersive in both Indian and local South African culture. Excellence in service and style make this hotel stand-out as a luxurious, yet approachable hotelier, that will add fond memories to your stay in the Mother City.