Seaside Splendour at Tintswalo Atlantic

The sun gently broke through the deep, winter clouds, casting the golden beams into the stormy waters of Hout Bay. I sat in my wingback chair, in the Robben Island Suite and watched the waves lap against the shore and for the first time in far too long, I felt my entire system relax.

For years I wondered what the mysterious buildings at the bottom of the famed Chapman’s Peak Drive were – a private house? A research facility? South Africa’s very own Area 51? I really wasn’t sure. After years of wondering, I finally got the chance to experience what I have since labelled ‘seaside splendour’ – and I am not sure even that label does Tintswalo Atlantic justice.

The five-star lodge is spread out over five large, interconnected buildings, right on the shores of Hout Bay. The entirety of the bay in on view, and it’s safe to say that nobody else can lay claim to a sight quite like that one – a vantage point that few have access to, but everyone should strive to experience.

The hospitality at Tintswalo Atlantic exceeded my expectations, even for a five-star lodge. It was a cold and rainy afternoon when we arrived, and like something out of a film, we were greeted with a hot chocolate in a stylist, doubled galled glass mug. This was the first hint at the elegance of the entire establishment. The reception area is decorated in hues of blue, and sea green, paired with soft naturals of beige, white and stone. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be leaving Tintswalo with a fraction of the stress I brought with me.

After being welcomed, we were whisked off to the Robben Island Suite – a room inspired by Nelson Mandela and his legacy. Decorated primarily in yellow and green, the suite is in no way garish. The tasteful use of two of our nation colours bring the cosy interior to life. Each suite is fitted with floor to ceiling, sliding glass doors take open onto a private terrace where you can sit and enjoy the sights, and if you’re lucky and in whale season, you’ll spot a gentle giant frolicking in the bay!

The décor and location are not the only things that made our stay at Tintswalo in a word ‘sensational’ – the food played a big, big role. We sat down and enjoyed their newly-debuted winter menu, which featured fresh and delicious dishes made from locally sourced produce. We were dining facing the windows, looking out on the bay, but it added a special something to be able to turn around and look directly into the open-plan kitchen – to see exactly what the staff were doing as they prepped our delicious dinner.

Similarly, the food we enjoyed the following morning was just as delicious. This dining experience however, afforded us the opportunity to sit and enjoy a clearer view of the mountain across the water. The sheer drop of The Sentinel is truly magnificent in the morning light, especially when you’re enjoying the view from Tintswalo Atlantic.

Their Winter Special is now on, and offering guests the chance to experience to wonder of Tintswalo for only R7,060 per couple, per night. This deal, which includes airport transfers, a light lunch and a bottle of wine on arrival as well as a full breakfast the next morning, is valid until 31 August 2018. For more info, visit

Images © Tintswalo Atlantic