Eco Diva Launches its First Store in Cape Town

Eco Diva is a local brand, offering organic beauty, skincare and home products that promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. After finding success as an online store, Eco Diva has launched its first store and re-fill station in Cape Town.

The launch of Eco Diva’s first store welcomed media; introducing them to the store and brand’s philosophy. Founder, Nicole Sherwin, spoke about her journey as an entrepreneur, discussing her philosophy for the brand and the details of each of the products, giving first-hand accounts of the benefits of going natural.


Sherwin spent 6 years in L.A. before moving back to South Africa. She suffered from Mercury poisoning, which fuelled her desire to create Eco Diva. Adding to Sherwin’s credentials are her role as the former editor of Simply Green Magazine and eco-expert on SABC 3’s show, Expresso.

The launch was not only about talking, but also trying, as we got to test out the products. To complement the theme of the day, we sampled some natural, delicious goodies from the Beet Box, including ginger shots and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.


The range at Eco Diva is diverse, with products for the face, body, hair and home, as well as specialised products for men, teens and babies. Everything is vegan and importantly, cruelty free. The newly packaged travel sets were also on offer at the launch. The products are unisex and suitable for all skin types. They include anti-ageing qualities and SPF. The products are free of parabens, sulphates and chemicals, promoting a healthy pH balance. The range has also proven to be beneficial for people with eczema.

Eco Diva promoted a lifestyle that is free of toxins. On the website you’ll find so much more than a shopping experience. There are recipes, YouTube videos and an award-winning blog that is dedicated to healthy living. The shop itself is a true reflection of the brand, with fresh testers on display, alongside plants and wooden shelving displays. The packaging of the product is simple and elegant, showing that natural products can be sleek, with no-frills necessary.

Our Top Picks:

We loved the affordability of the products and the products that came packaged in glass bottles. The men’s beard brush and coconut bowl are winners, not to mention the body oil and cleaning products! Finally, the super-sized bottles of shampoo definitely deserves a mention – buying one of these would really last a long time, making it a great investment for a heathy lifestyle.




For more info, visit Eco Diva or visit 115 Waterkant Street, Cape Town.

The Beet Box is available at the Mojo Market in Sea Point, Cape Town.