Family Travels – Top Tips for a Memorable Family Trip

An overseas family trip is enough to stretch any parent’s sanity to the limit, especially travelling with young children for the first time. Below are some tips on everything from keeping the children entertained and calm on a flight, to dealing with medical emergencies.

Do Not Pack your Whole House
Being a parent, it can be tempting to over-pack ‘just in case’. Make a list of essentials and stick to it. Check with your accommodation if they provide larger necessities such as camp cots and prams or if they have hiring options.

Check your Official Documents
Ensure that you have the correct travel documents for everyone. Research to find out if you need a passport, unabridged birth certificate, immunisation records and so forth. Make sure you have enough time to apply and get any documents you might need.

Flights can be hard on everyone; including the person sitting next to you. Try and plan flights according to your child’s sleeping pattern to lower the likelihood of having a wide awake and irritable child. Also, make the flight part of the journey and download plenty of apps and games on your phone or tablet to keep your young one entertained.

Plan your Accommodation
Booking accommodation on the side of a cliff is more than enough to give you sleepless nights. Look for accommodation that is family friendly. This is accommodation that is easy to access and has good safety and security. It’ll be much easier to relax knowing that your little ones are safe and sound.

Plan ahead and decide what mode of transport you will be using on your holiday. If you are to be using public transport, ensure that you have a compact stroller for when your little one can’t walk any further or needs a nap. If hiring a car, make sure to include a car seat in the rental.

Medication and Medical Emergencies
Pack medication that can be used for multiple ailments such as for fever and pain. A basic first aid kit is also a good thing to have with all the basics such as antiseptic wipes, plasters and sting treatment. Medical emergencies can also ruin any holiday really fast and be very expensive so make sure that you plan for the possibility of this happening. This can be done by getting travel insurance that covers any medical emergencies and provides on-the-ground assistance in a time of crisis for you and your family.

Check your Medical Aid
It is very important to not assume that your medical aid will cover you when travelling. Not all medical schemes provide cover outside of South Africa. In some cases, there are specific limits and exclusions subject to the local conditions of your cover will apply. It is important to understand what these limits and exclusions are and whether it is necessary to take additional travel insurance to cover any shortfalls.

If the planning for your family travels are top notch, you will have plenty of relaxation and quality time spent with your family. By planning sufficiently, you can make your holiday a trip to look back on with fond memories.

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