Coffee Café Culture at Cavendish

The ever-growing coffee culture in South Africa has seen the inception of hundreds of independent coffee shops popping up all over the country offering coffee connoisseurs a wide array of flavours and new and exciting blends and aromas. Small-scale commercial roasting and speciality trading has grown exponentially, and the applied mastery of crafting coffee is now considered an art.


Kahvé Road is a quality coffee, patisserie and foodie haven that has opened in the bustling Cavendish Square and is offering patrons a premium coffee experience with a whole host of additional bells and whistles. If the retro chic décor and leather and velvet seating aren’t enough to tempt you inside, the delectable aromas from freshly brewed coffee and the array of delicious delicacies are sure to grab your attention.


Kahvé, which literally means “wine of Arabia” is the first word used for the coffee drink we all know and love today. Why wine, you may ask? Well, when the Muslim religion prohibited the consumption of alcohol in Turkey, coffee got a major boost throughout Turkey as well as the rest of the Ottoman Empire. Coffee literally became a substitute for wine and was given this name. Because Kahvé Road is committed to honouring the rich history of the coffee bean, the café pays direct homage to its roots in both its name, and its premium coffee offerings.


Offering an impressive selection of signature blends to enjoy inside the trendy eatery, Kahvé Road also offers capsules to take home in boxes of 10, retailing at just R90 each. All capsules are environmentally friendly and are Nespresso compatible. Whether you’re looking for something to put hairs on your chest, or something a little more subtle, Kahvé Road has a blend for you.


For the coffee aficionado, the boldly flavoured Babylon blend is a rich dark roast that packs both punch and flavour. Petra, the house blend, is slightly more subtle and is fast becoming a patron favourite. For something a little lighter, with subtle notes of melon and orange, the Machu Pichu blend is delicious and light. And for those who love flavour but want to ditch the caffeine, the Troy blend is a hit with a smooth aftertaste that doesn’t overwhelm the palate. Their last capsule offering is Chan Chan – Kahvé Road’s very own spiced Rooibos tea – ideal for a milky Rooibos latte. All coffee is ethically sourced and the blends are made with 100% Arabica Speciality Grade Coffee. And while you’re there, it would be a sin to pass up a tasting of their cold brew range which include, Spiced Lemonade, Nitro Cold Brew Tonic, Gypsy Ginger Beer and Royal Rooibos – all brewed in-house with 100% natural ingredients.


For foodies, freshly baked tit bits like macaroons and other colourful treats sit behind ambiently-lit glass counters parading like pieces of art – each one a delicious delight. Freshly baked croissants, and the famous lemon poppy waffle with warm berry compote are also winners for those with a sweet tooth. Savoury breakfast and lunch offerings are also available and include gourmet café classics like traditional and tender Butter Chicken Curry (a must!), a classic Mac & Cheese and Lamb Kofta with house raita, tomato sambals and garlic naan. Gourmet burgers, sandwiches and salads are also on the menu and each dish is made with the same quality precision and passion that goes into the coffee.


On a whole, Kahvé Road ticks all the boxes for a gourmet experience so next time you find yourself at Cavendish, do yourself a favour and enter the wonderful world of coffee café culture.


TEXT © Julie Graham

Images: Kahvé Road

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