Bistro Sixteen82 Puts Sustainability on the Menu

If you want to be more eco-conscious, one of the best things you can do is be more selective about what’s on your plate every meal.

One way you can do this is by following the SASSI List, which includes fish that should be avoided because of their conservation status, as well as fish which are still found in abundance and are therefore fine to eat.

Bistro Sixteen82, the onsite restaurant at Steenburg in Tokai, Cape Town, has put the sustainability of seafood at the forefront of their offerings.

The restaurant and ABALOBI, a non-profit community-driven initiative, are pioneering South Africa’s very first restaurant-supported fishery that supplies sustainable and traceable premium quality seafood caught by small-scale local fishers. The partnership between traditional fishers, ABALOBI, WWF-Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative, and Bistro Sixteen82 provides fishing communities on the western and southern Cape coast with a better price for their fish and livelihood for their families. The direct route from boat to plate ensures sustainability both for the fisherfolk and for the resource.

Through the use of a community-owned mobile app easily accessible on a smart phone, all the fish caught by these small-scale fishers are completely traceable, literally tracking the journey and story of every fish from hook to cook. Five carefully co-designed apps piece together to form the From Hook to Cook system, which enables the processing and marketing of fish and other marine resources with an ecological and social “story” in a manner that is fully traceable.

“In our restaurant you can order and eat responsible, traceable fish, caught by local artisanal fishers, delivered directly from their boats to our kitchen,” says ABALOBI ambassador Chef Kerry Kilpin of Bistro Sixteen82, where diners can scan a QR code at their table and get the full story of the fish on their plates.

The seafood is caught with low environmental impact using traditional methods. By supporting these fishers, restaurants and consumers contribute to high-impact socio-economic development and the empowerment of fishing communities.

Enjoy fresh seafood creatively prepared at Bistro Sixteen82 even more knowing that, together with ABALOBI, everyone involved benefits, and the ocean and its inhabitants are treated with eco-consciousness in mind.

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