Mauritius Magic

Mauritius is a popular choice for holiday makers for many reasons: white sand beaches, the warm Indian Ocean, and tropical nature are just a few. LUX* Resorts knows this, and, in order to take the magic of Mauritius to new heights, introduced LUX* Belle Mare and LUX* Le Morne.

Walking into LUX* Belle Mare is like walking into a resort heaven. As I stepped out of the car, I was greeted by the warm smiles of the staff, and immediately felt welcomed. Past the reception desks, I was blown away by what awaited me –outside, an immense pool was being enjoyed by holiday makers, a row of palm trees swayed in the breeze, and the beach beckoned just a few steps away, with its turquoise waters and powder white sands.

LUX* Belle Mare has an array of restaurants for every taste. For a laidback lunch, the food truck, inspired by the movie, **Chef** is ideal. Sitting down to a plate of nachos and a cold beer, with Latin music mixing with the sound of the waves was a fantastic way to lunch. A stay at LUX* Belle Mare is not complete without experiencing dinner at Duck Laundry. Decorated in dark wood with touches of red, Duck Laundry serves up contemporary-style Chinese dishes. In order to get a taste of everything (because you will regret it if you do not) ask the chef to create tasting plates of his favourites and indulge.

On the more mountainous side of the island is LUX* Le Morne. This resort is more intimate than its sister, but no less luxurious. For a pick-me-up after the drive, I went to Café LUX*. Here, the passion for java is obvious. I had the full LUX* coffee experience by tasting the different methods of brewing – from cold press, to drip. LUX*, as with everything the brand does, has placed its own stamp on the coffee. All the coffee is sourced by LUX*, and roasted onsite to the high standards of the brand.

Early in the morning, before the sun was fully awake, we ventured off on a boat to catch up with dolphins. As the guides saw the graceful creatures rising up in the ocean, showing their fins, they signalled that it was time to get a closer look. I was swimming on the surface of the water and, looking down, saw pods of dolphins below me. I was mesmerised as I saw them twirling, gracefully making their way to the surface for another breath. Being surrounded by a pod of over 20 dolphins is a memory I cherish.

While there are many reasons why Mauritius enjoys such popularity among holiday makers from across the globe, having had the LUX* experience, one of the big reasons to visit Mauritius is the opportunity to go LUX*

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Text: Paula Rabeling  |  Images © LUX* Resorts